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The NX range of Drum pumps are the most versatile hand pumps available.  The patented pumps have been used for the widest range of applications by our customers across the globe.

Suitable for all drums/kegs/totes/containers, ranging in size from 20 litre (4 gallon) up to 1000 litre (220 gallon) IBC’s.

NX200-drum-pump-open NXIBCc-oncontainer  


The all PP (Polypropylene) plastic NX drum pumps offer a wide chemical resistance range, making them suitable to dispense most liquids. These include:


The NX range feature only 2 moving parts, making them simple to clean.

Easy Pumping

The pump technology enables a low pressure at the nozzle – ensuring an even distribution of the liquid is dispensed with ease. The pumps are especially useful with higher viscosity products.


Every NX pump has a locking safety strap to prevent accidental use


The patented valve systems of the NX pumps also allow particulates to be pumped easily, without problems. For example, muddy waste in farming applications.

Closed-Loop Dispensing

A fully ‘closed loop’ dispensing system is available which locks securely onto the nozzle – ensures full safety during dispensing of hazardous or aggressive chemicals. Splashing is eliminated. –  Refer to our NBA & safety bottle accessory system.

Hose Adaptor

* NEW * We can offer the NX Hose Adapter kit which is suitable for either ½” (12mm) or ¾” (20mm) standard hosepipe

Refer to our Hose Adaptor (HA) kit

Continuous Output

The pump gives a continuous flow and dispenses on the up and the down stroke.


It is also an ideal AdBlue pump, DEF pump and is EPA compliant.

Fittings – all Drums

Many adaptors are available to fit this pump securely to your container.

If you are unsure of your particular fitting-type, please note the fittings options on the appropriate page. Alternatively, ScopeNEXT can offer a full set of adapters to allow testing across the full range of drum fittings. Please ask for our Multi-fitting pack