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Drum Adaptors

Drum-Adaptor-black-BSP-61DIN Drum-Adaptor-BSP-71DINDrum-Adaptor-BSP-MauserDrum-Adaptor-Tri-sureMaleto-Male-AdaptorHigh-flow-tap-and-drum-wallHigh-flow-tap-BSP-Mauser

These adaptors allow you to attach your pump to a specific container when the thread of the pump closure and container don’t match. The adaptors are made to fit onto various pump closures which then can be screwed onto/into your specific container.

ScopeNEXT can supply a large range of adaptors, please specify which type you require.


Technical details

1st Picture – FBSP – 61 DIN closure adaptor
2nd Picture – BSP/NPT – 71 DIN closure adaptor
3rd Picture – BSP / NPT – Mauser closure adaptor
4th Picture – Tri sure adaptor

5th Picture – MBSP / NPT – 61 DIN closure adaptor

6th Picture – Fitting a Tap to a drum container using an adaptor
7th Picture – Adaptor attached to a High Flow Tap


Container size
1 – 5 litre
Container size
10 – 25 litre
Container size
100 – 200 litre

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