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Bespoke and Custom Products

ScopeNEXT is able to modify most products for specific applications.

In most cases, it may be finding a suitable closure for an unusual container.

Other examples where we have successfully developed specialist requirements for our customers include:

  • A unique closures for a secure chemical bottle application.
  • Sprayer adapted to a special bottle used in the dairy industry.
  • A “long-nozzle” pump was produced for hygiene use in pre-op theatre (medical) application.
  • Specific dose output pumps have been provided by modifying our existing pumps for many different customers.
  • A solvent-resistant sprayer was created by modifying parts within an existing product.
  • We have provided printed and specially packed pumps for several customers , including one specialist educational paint manufacturer for their promotional use.

…and there are many more !!

Please ask us for your individual requirements.